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Michael Pepper Joinery Ltd is a privately owned and managed business which was formed in 1973.

It operates from modern industrial units comprising offices and workshops in Derby.

The company manufactures a range of general joinery for delivery to sites throughout the UK; and also specialise in the manufacture of Bespoke joinery in both Hardwood and Softwood.

We pride ourselves in offering a personal touch to all customers, along side producing a huge range of joinery products to suit domestic, commercial or specialist needs.

Over the years the company has expanded into new areas of joinery, with the most recent being Computer Aided Design and CNC technology to push the company forward. This not only takes us to a level of producing highly complex but accurate components, but also aids tremendously with products such as stairs and windows.

The company are members of the British Woodworking Federation, and are now Certifire approved for Firedoor products.